ATP-Elections 2020

Ordinary Elections June 2020

The ordinary elections of the ATP delegates in university and faculty committees, as well as in committees of seminars, institutes and clinics take place every two years.

Due to the delayed implementation of the revised university act the current elections take place one year later as originally scheduled.

From 2020 on the elections for university and faculty committees are performed with the help of the electronic e-voting tool of the bodies. The next ordinary elections take place in June 2020.


  • 24.04.2020: Notice of elections by e-mail to all ATP

  • 18.05.2020: Deadline for registering candidacies

  • 25.05.2020: Publication of candidacies (online)

  • 05.06.2020: Start of elections

  • 21.06.2020: Deadline of elections, closure

  • 26.06.2020: Publication of election results

Information about E-Voting Tool