Office Supplies Exchange

Disposal of no longer required stationery - really?
Why trashing or hoarding things for years (to finally trash them anyway…) when somebody else finds a use for it?
Why paying for something when other departments might give it (or something similar) away for free? That’s how we foster the exchange:

Office Supplies Exchange (24/7)
With the support of the department “Material und Logistik” (MUL) the V-ATP offers a platform for stationery exchange. Ordering and/or offering (incl. uploading a picture) is very simple and self-explanatory.

Besides, it’s a smart opportunity for all those in charge to go through their stock and get rid of all materials no longer required.

Check it out before you order new office material (e.g. on P4U). If you are lucky you may find there what you are looking for.

It’s all for free – whether used or new. After ordering you either go and get it yourself or have it delivered by the UZH post office.